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Jolt is power sharing in a unique way. With over 540,000 Electric vehicles on the road and under 17k Charging stations, of which most are only located in heavily populated cities - the need for charging stations in between metropolitan areas is an ever increasing prevalent issue. Jolt intends to bridge the gap between distance, and electric vehicle power stations by curating a global network of individuals who will share electricity from their home or business and be paid in our ERC20 Token JLT by the customer. Additionally, partners in our network will be given a frequent payment in the form of Jolt Gas [JLG] as an incentive for remaining active on the network. Users will be able to locate and pay for Jolt Station usage via our Mobile App. JLT is our ERC20 Token which will be used as a a payment between EV owners and the host of the Jolt station, each Jolt station will be able to dictate the amount of JLT they charge per use. This method will keep the network competitive, and offer a benefit to the those in need of charging their vehicles. Jolt Gas [JLG] is the fuel that will power our network and is an essential aspect of the Jolt Network. Each host of a Jolt Station will receive a weekly payment in the form of JLG as an payment to remain active on the Jolt Network. This payment will be issued from the pre-mine and will serve as a payment method. Jolt Gas is built on our own blockchain and will be maintained and stabilized by our Masternodes. maakt gebruik van cookies.

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