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Measurable Data Token(MDT): Decentralized Data Exchange Economy - Your Data should be Making Money for You. The DT quantity is a decentralized big data value economy. As a communication unit between users, data purchasers, and data providers, the value of data is quantified. The MDT quantity rewards the majority of users who contribute anonymous big data, and provides a more efficient consumption plan for data buyers. It is committed to changing the status quo of ordinary users at the bottom of the biological chain to create a more fair and transparent data transaction environment. The ecosystem's first application, MailTime, has accumulated more than 5 million users for the team. It is the Silicon Valley top accelerator Y Combinator incubator project, which was personally incubated by Gmail founder Paul Buchheit. Today, users are free to use the products and services developed by Internet technology companies, but in the back users need to compromise their own data in exchange. Users who are willing to join the ecosystem and share their anonymous data will be rewarded with the corresponding amount of currency. In order to give the user accurate and fair value of the data, each data point in the ecosystem of the counting currency that is verified as having economic value is the number of points, and is also the data point that is traded in this ecology. Under the ecosystem of the counting currency, data trading is no longer a one-way guessing game, and data buyers and data providers will be jointly bound and protected by smart contracts. All data point transactions are recorded by the blockchain, which also avoids the problem of data fraud and solves the contradiction that big data traceability and anonymity cannot coexist. maakt gebruik van cookies.

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