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OPT is a public blockchain designed for logistics industry based on EOS as the underlying technology. By using key features of blockchain technology such as distributed, encrypted and tampering-proof ledger, we aim to solve a number of key problems in the logistics industry including information silo, system vulnerability, privacy violation, payment fraud and low efficiency of industrial collaboration. OPT can also track and trace the entire logistics process to ensure responsibility to each person and seamless delivery on every handoff. It provides a simple, low-cost, high-efficiency, safe and reliable blockchain solution for the entire logistics industry. OPT is based on EOS as underlying technology, but it provides independent infrastructure resources, such as computing power, bandwidth and storage, and can reduce resource costs. At the same time, it offers JS as a development language to lower the learning and development thresholds. OPT provides a self-developed set of low-cost and fast databases, which provides standard SQL and API interfaces for the application layer. OPT offers a standardized DAPP development engine for the logistics industry, which modularizes application components and enables the rapid development of DAPPs. Based on the Bancor Protocol, OPT achieves the functions of token issuance, trading, and exchange. OPT adopts a layered technical architecture, which consists of an access layer, storage layer, blockchain layer, consensus layer, interface layer and application layer. Tasked with promoting intelligent logistics, OPT utilizes blockchain technology to break information silo in the logistics industry and maximize data mobility and value. At the same time, it also adopts encryption and authorization technologies to ensure data security and privacy. By fully leveraging the value of blockchain, OPT can improve the efficiency and reduce the threshold of the whole industry. In addition, by breaking information silo and achieving data mobility, it enables better division of labor and cooperation in the logistics industry. For example, insurance, loan, finance, strategic consultation, and other third-party services will all benefit from data sharing. We believe industrial digitalization is the foundation of intelligentization, while data mobility and value are the catalysts for intelligentization.
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